The Illuminati Has Gone Crazy!!!!

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Whats going on out there in Cyber world. This is James coming back to you with more information. A couple of weeks ago I was attending the Los Angeles Black Book Expo and I did an interview with another author whos name I will not disclosed. In my interview I was talking about how my new book entitiled “Master of Disguises. The book is about exposeing the different disguises of the enemy. (satan)  I was discussing about how the enemy uses hip hop artist to influence and get into the minds of people. I was discussing how it is a disgrace unto God how people in the music industry have sold their souls for Fame and fortune. It is a disgrace how 95% of the hip hop culture and some gospel artist have sold out to Satan. “Luci baby” is what Jay Z calls him. Anyway because I was getting off topic, I had posted my interview on you tube and guess what it is not there anymore.  The illuminati is trying to not be exposed and stay hidden behind their musical lyrics and propaganda. I know that the illuminate might be watching me and might even be reading this but I am not afraid of you. I have the power of the almighty Jesus Christ that has my back. I am standing up for my father. I dont know if some of have heard but a famous preacher by the name of T.D. Jakes almost got killed in his own home. Some of you may be puzzled why this happenend to him but I know why. The illuminati tried to take him out since Bishop Jakes is trying to dislocate himself from the organization. Yes! TD Jakes was a freemason and part of the New World Order. I believe in my whole heart that TD Jakes tried to get out of the masonry but the only way out is death. But thanks be to Jesus Christ who spoke to his spirit and saved his life.  You see members of the illuminati, You cant stop the move of Jesus Christ. You may have fame and fortune now but inthe end you gone burn in the Lake of Fire with Satan. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. Keep in tuned cause I will be posting more of my thoughts about the Illuminati


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